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One of my responsibilities as a leader is to cultivate and mentor others. I’m a strong believer that a leader is only as successful as their TEAM. I have the privilege to work with some amazing women and men on a day-to-day basis. My team has produced 52 Elite Consultants (including myself) for Paparazzi Accessories. We are in the top .1% of the organization. Let me introduce them to you. Feel free to join any of their teams if you wish. When you join with them, you join with me!
Jossie Jones

Jossie Jones, 69171

Current Rank: A-Lister

Join Date: March 2017
Team Name: Motivated Millionaires

When I began my business, I was financially broke, emotionally broken and attempting to cope with the loss of my beloved mother. I was determined to make this business work no matter what. I honestly believe that God put this business in my life, where I am blessed financially. But He also put people in my path to help me cope with my loss and to push me when I need it.

Website: JossiesJewels.com

Trinnett King

Trinnett King-Anderson, 69620

Current Rank: Jetsetter

Join Date: March 2017
Team Name: Team Fire and Ice

Prior to joining I was employed with Aetna US Healthcare for 20 years. I am an advocate for living a healthy and fit lifestyle. During my employment with Aetna, I was a member of the wellness committee, a retired Ambassador and current member of Black Girls Run Jacksonville. I am a certified RRCA run coach. On September 17, 2018 I retired from Corporate America to work my Paparazzi business full-time after being in the business for only a year and a half!

Website: TrinnettsTrinkets.com

Rochelle A. McLean

Rochelle McLean, 85408

Current Rank: Maven A-Lister

Join Date: July 2017
Team Name: Fierce and Fearless

I love to help others and see them grow, I love spending time with my family, and I have always known that I would be a business owner, just wasn't sure in what capacity. Now I know that Paparazzi was my destiny!

Website: Paparazziaccessories.com/85408

Janel Williams

Janel Williams, 72534

Current Rank: Fashionista

Join Date: April 2017
Team Name: Exceeding in Abundance

I am a wife and the mother of three young men. Prior to Paparazzi, I was employed with local Florida railroads for more than 20 years. Within 11 months of joining Paparazzi, I became a part of the .1% highest ranked consultants within an AMAZING organization, the Elites. In October 2018, I resigned from my railroad career to focus solely on my flourishing Paparazzi business!

Website: DivaImpressions.org

Roslyn Brown-Holsey

Roslyn Hosley-Brown, 72731

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: April 2017
Team Name: Unexpected Pieces

I was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia and because of my health, I struggled to maintain adequate employment. Paparazzi gave me a sense of belonging again. I now have a phenomenal team across the U.S., who I get to coach and mentor daily. I’m actively involved in Sickle Cell Awareness and I proudly demonstrate to others that my disability doesn’t define my value. I define my value!

Website: UnexpectedPieces.com

Ronda Nelson

Ronda Nelson, 73657

Current Rank: Fashionista

Join Date: April 2017
Team Name: Posh Gemz

I am a retired mother of 2 grown young men and a wife to my amazing husband. I cherish family and I thank God for his many blessings. I hope to inspire, give hope, foster change and build confidence by demonstrating that pushing yourself to exceed your wildest expectations can and will create the freedom we all deserve.

Website: PoshJewelryExchange.com

Sherlyn Noisett

Sherlyn Noisette, 73694

Current Rank: A-Lister

Join Date: April 2017
Team Name: Team Blessed

I am a Wife, Mother and Full Time Paparazzi Consultant. I retired from my Corporate job of 22 years because I knew this business worked and it has changed my life. I am forever grateful for this amazing business that has afforded me opportunities of a lifetime.

Website: BeCuteByDesignBoutique.com

Hunter Matthew

Hunter Matthew Newell, 170156

Current Rank: Maven A-Lister

Join Date: April 2018
Team Name: Royalty Bling Bosses

I am a former Professional Ballroom Dance Instructor and Interior Decorator. I joined this company with no intentions and soon found it was truly something special. Paparazzi has forever changed my life and I absolutely love what I do!

Website: HunterSellsBling.com

Renita Garrett

Renita Garrett, 101369

Current Rank: A-Lister

Join Date: September 2017
Team Name: World Changing Bling Bosses

As a single parent, I needed to embark on something that would allow me to spend quality time with my children. I quickly realized this was the answer I was looking for! Not only did it allow me time with my children, but I was also a full-time student in a graduate program when I first started and this business gave me the flexibility I needed. Since joining, all of my concerns were addressed and my needs met. This has truly been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Website: PrettyEyeCatching.com

Rachael Broddy

Rachael Broddy, 67823

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: March 2017
Team Name: Queens and Kings of Bling

I am an only child with a military mind, so talking to people and having a “civilian mindset” is not something that comes naturally. But selling $5 jewelry has changed all of that! I now have no issues talking to people anymore. I love this business and can’t wait to share the opportunity with anyone that will listen!

Website: RachaelsJewels.com

Rachel Mccafferty

Rachel McCafferty, 97733

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: September 2017
Team Name: Divine Divas

I am a hardworking entrepreneur. I give everything I do my all, which has earned me the title of Elite with Paparazzi Accessories. I am a single mother of two beautiful children. Because I have given my all to my Paparazzi business, I was able to retire in August 2020 to work my business full-time!

Website: RachelsPrettyPieces.com

Miriam Saramaha

Miriam Saramaha, 97391

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: September 2017
Team Name: The Glam Squad

I'm a stay at home Mom who decided I could still have it all. I chose to step out on faith and give this business 110%. In return it has given my family the financial freedom we could have only dreamed of!

Website: JazzyJewel.me

Tresa Green

Tresa Green, 80785

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: June 2017
Team Name: The Faith-Steppers

I saw the Paparazzi opportunity come across my Facebook page and reached out for more information. After signing up, I quickly began posting my website and the opportunity to join my team. I gave myself 6 months to see growth in my business, and it DID grow quickly as I started building my team. As my team grew, the promotions also increased.

Website: TresaDivaStyes.com

Coming Soon

Terri Cook, 126281

Current Rank: Fashionista

Join Date: January 2018
Team Name: Team Diamonds in the Rough

When I joined, I had no idea how much of a blessing it would be to me. I wanted to work from home full-time and show my children that anything they want is worth working hard for. I also wanted to be able to show that if you trust yourself and God, your dreams can and will come true!

Website: BeautyByTheC.com

DeCarol Vance

DeCarol Vance, 86816

Current Rank: Fashionista

Join Date: July 2017
Team Name: Blazin' Bling Hustlers

I'm a go-getter who is always looking to improve my life and the lives of others. I like to have fun, and make people smile. Some might say I'm a diva at first glance, but I'm really just a laid-back woman chasing her dreams, which all have been coming true because of Paparazzi!

Website: SparklelikeADeva.com

Coming Soon

April Lemon, 71280

Current Rank: Fashionista

Join Date: April 2017
Team Name: Team Sparkling G.E.M.S.

When I started, my goal was to move myself and my daughters from the two-bedroom apartment we were in to a bigger space where they could have their own rooms. I only needed $600 monthly to supplement the income that I was about to lose. However, Paparazzi Accessories has afforded me not only a 3-bedroom home with more space than I could ever imagine, but much more than $600 a month in residual income! I exceeded the income at my full-time job within a year. I retired from corporate America in June 2019 at the age of 39! I also bought a NEW CAR! This business is BLESSED and a BLESSING.

Website: PrettyFlyGirlJewelryBoutique.com

Cynthia Morales

Cynthia Morales, 91501

Current Rank: Fashionista

Join Date: August 2017
Team Name: CMor Success Crew

I am an anxious introvert, who during a lucrative 20-year career in banking was laid off from my executive management position. I had been recently diagnosed with several debilitating illnesses and found myself struggling financially for over 6 years. My passion for the mission of Paparazzi grew quickly and in July 2018, I decided to leave my 9 to 5 in order to make more money and lead others to do the same, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Website: CMorJewelry.com

Elesha Robinson

Elesha Robinson, 202082

Current Rank: Fashionista

Join Date: July 2018
Team Name: The Southern Yanks Blingin Team

I live in Deep East Texas and I am a single mom of two boys, who are my ‘WHY’ for excelling in my business! In March 2019, my drive for success and my burning passion for my business allowed me to retire from my career in Law Enforcement, where I had worked for over 13 years.

Website: EleshasellsBling.com

Dana Thompson

Dana Thompson, 178103

Current Rank: Fashionista

Join Date: April 2018
Team Name: Team Platinum Opulence

I'm a single parent of a 22-year-old daughter. I joined Paparazzi initially to support my childhood friend. Shortly after joining, I was laid off from my 6-figure career of 14 years and I knew that this business was a blessing from God.

Website: TheLadyLovesJewelry.com

Shawnda Chaney

Shawnda Chaney

Current Rank: Fashionista

Join Date: June 2017
Team Name: Middle GA Bling Bosses

I initially got into this business to supplement my income and pay for my son’s tuition. After being a consultant for a year, I learned that Paparazzi could do more than that! My family keeps me motivated and the idea that I’ll be able to pass this business that I built on to my kids fuels my desire to keep going!

Website: www.3jaysjewelry.com

Terra Parris-Smiley

Terra Parris-Smiley, 112029

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: November 2017
Team Name: The ELITE 5 Dollar Bosses

I Am a Wife, Mom & A BOSS! I absolutely love my family, which is WHY I work my business as such. My life PURPOSE is to help women especially. I live by the mantra - Do. Be. And Become MORE!

Website: www.BlingByTerra.com

Marva Elane Burr

Marva Elane Burr, 87684

Current Rank: Fashionista

Join Date: July 2017
Team Name: Elite Queens and Kings

I am an ordinary woman with a God sized dream who loves God and people! I am married with three sons and I am grateful for the opportunity to help transform lives through Paparazzi!

Website: www.Accessorizemetoo.com

Kayla Courington

Kayla Courington, 202779

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: July 2018
Team Name: The Dream Team
When did you become Elite: April 2020

I am a busy mom of two. Because of Paparazzi, I left my day job of 10 years to focus my time and energy into my Paparazzi business full-time. I now lead an amazing team, who along with Paparazzi, have changed my family’s lives in ways we never imagined were possible!

Website: www.goblingroom.com

Denice Byrd

Denice Byrd

Current Rank: Fashionista

Join Date: August 2018
Team Name: Legacy Diamond Bosses

I am a thought-leader and high-level administrative professional with 20 years of experience in both Entrepreneurship and Corporate Environments. On a personal level, I am a loving “Nana” to six beautiful grandchildren. The love of my family keeps me motivated and determined to build a lasting-legacy for them – which my Paparazzi business will allow me to do!

Website: www.CatchMeClassy.com

Darlene Scott

Darlene Scott, 9004

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: July 2017
Team Name: Team Fierce and Fire

I said YES to this opportunity on the heels of shutting down my Commercial Childcare Business after 19 years. Because I had nothing else to fall back on, Paparazzi had become my life-line! My yes meant my life, my children, my family and my sanity were contingent upon this opportunity working. Not only has the opportunity been an INCREDIBLE blessing, but my testimony has become the motivation for others to grab this lifeline so that they too can be changed forever by $5 Bling!

Website: www.pinkfirecollections.com

Amie Rigsby

Amie Rigsby, 98356

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: September 2017
Team Name: Team Goal Diggers

I'm a stay at home mom of two and have an amazing husband and support system behind me. I am passionate about my business and excited for my team to WIN! I've had my fair share of struggles, more then I care to have had, but I've always pushed through and come out on top in the end. I live by the adage: Don't give up on your dreams!

Website: www.southerncharmbling.com

Angela Brown

Angela Brown, 73110

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: April 2017
Team Name: Destined for Purpose

I am a wife, mom and grandmother of three beautiful granddaughters. I retired from a local school district as an Assistant Principal on June 30, 2019 to become a full time Paparazzi Consultant!

Website: www.Classysassydivas.com

Dawn Corrie

Dawn Corrie, 223917

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: September 2018
Team Name: Team Rise and Shine

I have been married for 39 years, have 2 children, 2 grandchildren. I love, love, love to read - it's my passion! I love meeting new people, my hometown, my family and absolutely love working my Paparazzi business!

Website: www.DawnCorrieJewerly.com

Brenda Rodriguez

Brenda Rodriguez, 170098

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: April 2018
Team Name: #BCG Squad

I am a motivated boss that leads up front! I am always willing to help anyone because I love to see people succeeding in life. I am a driven-to-succeed hard worker, who is both immensely goal and family oriented.

Website: www.BrendasCheerfulGlam.com

Roberta J Powell

Roberta J. Powell, 107622

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: Double Diamonds
Team Name: Elite Queens and Kings

I'm a nurturer by nature. I intend to make my heart sing one melody at a time. I love my Paparazzi Business and I get immense joy from sharing this phenomenal opportunity with others.

Website: www.saraphenjewels.com

Carla Cross

Carla Cross, 107351

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: October 2017
Team Name: B'Dazzled Blessed Bosses

I am Elite Executive Producer with Paparazzi Accessories and I absolutely love to help women feel good about themselves! Seeing the smiles and happiness we get to make happen every single day for countless women, men and families in general is priceless!

Website: www.bdazzledladiesboutique.net

Nicole Steen

Nicole Steen, 191151

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: June 2018
Team Name: Team Driven

I am a new mom who is doing her best to teach her daughter that women can be trailblazers, and more importantly, to know that she can do ANYTHING she sets her mind to!

Website: www.jointeamdriven.com

Maleika Lawson

Maleika Lawson

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: October 2017
Team Name: Diamond Bosses

I'm an educator and entrepreneur, with 10 year of experience in coaching and professional development. I am very dedicated and passionate when it comes to my goals and commitments. I'm a transformational leader and believe in pushing everyone to accomplish their level of success!

Website: www.shopllj.com

Shayla Sumra

Shayla Sumra, 88538

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: June 2017
Team Name: Team Affluence

I believe in being authentically you. I remain diligent in my Business because I see the success for my family to create a new generation of wealth. I love what I do because it truly makes me happy.

Website: www.theaffluentjewelry.com

Mandy Isaac

Mandy Isaac, 225540

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: September 2018
Team Name: Boss Empire

I left behind a career in the Criminal Justice field to prove to myself that I could do anything! I love helping others achieve their full potential, especially when they feel they are against all odds. Success comes in many forms and I am thankful I’ve learned to embrace my blessings!

Website: www.bossladybling.rocks

Sharon Edwards

Sharon Edwards, 90561

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Team Name: Millionaire Minded Bosses

I'm a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. This Paparazzi opportunity has afforded so many life-changing benefits to my family and I will be forever grateful, thankful, and blessed! "I LUV what I do and do what I LUV"

Website: www.bedazzeledbysharon.com

Chands Leath

Chands Leath, 87329

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: July 2017
Team Name: Sassy Chix Jewelry

I’m Chands Leath, The CEO of Sassy Chix Jewelry. I work this business with the intentions of having Generational Financial Freedom. I believe in God and my faith in Him, my business and my team will carry me through!

Website: www.ohsosassyjewelry.com

Tomeka Stewart

Tomeka Stewart, 86149

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: July 2017
Team Name: The Brand New Divas & Dons

I am a mother of three and a grandmother of four! I joined Paparazzi to have something just for me. It has since turned into an opportunity for me to empower many others to secure their financial futures and to dream big. I am forever grateful, and I am proof that anything is possible with hard work and dedication!

Website: ABrandNewDiva.com

Missi Newman

Missi Newman

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: May 2018
Team Name: The Boss Babes

I have been a business owner since I was 19 years old. I have recently closed a business I have owned and ran for 28 years. My husband, Ross just came home from his job as an electrician to work this business with me.

Website: www.lilmissbling.com

Shantell Thomas

Shantell Thomas, 218577

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: September 2018
Team Name: GEMS Squad (Giving Everything for My Success)

I am a wife, mother, and professional interior decorator. My family is my everything and I want to create a legacy they can be proud of, and carry on for generations to come. My mission is to help others to do the same!

Website: www.AdornAndAccessorizeMe.com

Monica Velasquez

Monica Velasquez, 252404

Current Rank: Fashionista

Join Date: January 2019
Team Name: Beast Mode Squad

I am a mother and wife devoted to God and my family. I push myself to the max to lead up front. I absolutely love Paparazzi and what it has not only done for my family and I, but for what it has done for thousands of other people and families. I am blessed to be a part of an amazing team and I am eager to see what more is to come!

Website: www.beautyandherjewels.com

Shaconya Kendrick

Shaconya Kendrick, 174459

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: April 2018
Team Name: CJ’s Bling Bosses

I am a wife, a mother and I currently live in Maryland. I am an Occupational Therapist by profession and graduated from Tuskegee University. I am very motivated, ambitious, and I love people. These traits work extremely well for running my Paparazzi business because I love helping people change their lives!

Website: www.conniesjewels.com

Crystal Calhoun

Crystal Calhoun, 115828

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: November 2017
Team Name: Unlimited Faith Gems

I’m a mother of three adult children, an 11-year breast cancer survivor, a minister and I presently work full-time as a bank manager. I love to laugh, dance like no one is watching and sing off key!

Website: www.godsbabyboutique.us

Ruqayyah Singletary

Ruqayyah Singletary

Current Rank: Executive Producer

Join Date: March 2018
Team Name: Highly Favored Bling Bosses

My name is Ruqayyah Singletary and I am the founder and CEO of KiaJewelryHeist and the Highly Favored Bling Bosses. I am a full-time Budget Analyst for the Department of the Army. Working my Paparazzi business has afforded me the ability to pay off 10 years of debt and continue to live a debt free life!

Website: www.KiaJewelryHeist.com

Terri Alexander

In Loving Memory of Terri Alexander, 66036 A.K.A. Sista Shay

Join Date: March 2017

My sister, Terri was my first team member. She joined for support after reading me post on Facebook, “Join my ream”. She was the leader of the Boss Squad and was an Elite Executive Producer at the time of death. Her team is filled with entrepreneurs who are still going strong! They now produce Fashionista volume every month. Rest in heaven sis!