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Why Paparazzi?


Paparazzi Accessories is one of the fastest-growing direct sales companies. It started in January 2011 and is currently debt free! Our headquarters is located in St. George, Utah. 

All of our jewelry is nickel and lead-free. It’s made in China but designed and distributed from the US. 

Below are some key facts to help you make an educated decision. 

  • There are less than 500K consultants across the US, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. So currently we aren’t saturated. You have plenty of opportunities to build your market.
  • You can start with an initial investment as low as $99. You will get 35 pieces of jewelry which are the best selling items! When you sell your kit, you will make $175. That's the best return on your investment. From there, you begin building a retail store.
  • 3 ways to make money:
    1. Your FREE Paparazzi website
      All purchases through your website you make 45% commission. Paparazzi handles everything for you, collects money, ships product. You just get paid! 
    2. Your personal inventory 
      You buy jewelry for only $2.75 as a Consultant and sell it for at least $5. So you make at least $2.25 per item. Build up your inventory and go live on Facebook. There are women and men making $3k to 5k a week going live! Start small and show 30-50 pieces in 30 minutes and make $100 - 200 in 30 minutes!! Ask people to share your video to build a following. Have home parties and Vend monthly. We have consultants with mobile stores and kiosk in malls. Post selfies and carry your jewelry every day! This jewelry sells itself! #ThinkBig
    3. Build a team
      Every person you bring on as a business partner you initially earn 5% of their online volume as commission. That's from when they buy or their customers. When you get to three active partners then you earn 10% commission from their online volume! Then you get 5% from the people they bring on!  The commission continues to spread as you're building your business. Plus, you get bonuses for the new business partners!  Please click this link to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants: https://bit.ly/2rWXvX0

Are you ready to join?
Click my link below and JOIN MY TEAM!