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Director March 2017
Premier Director April 2017
Executive Director (Double Ranked) April 2017
Producer May 2017
Premier Producer June 2017
Elite Executive Producer July 2017
Fashionista August 2017
A-Lister October 2017
Maven A-Lister November 2017
Jetsetter February 2018
Luxe Jetsetter March 2019
Impressionista April 2019
Iconic Impressionista June 2020


Iconic Impressionista

Crown Clubs

Crown Club 5
Crown Club 10
Crown Club 25 
Crown Club 50


Crown Club 50



Life of the Party

LOP Silver 2017/18
LOP Platinum 2018/19
LOP Diamond 2019/2020


Other Accomplishments

Earned two FREE trips to Cancun 2018
Earned two FREE trips to Salt Lake City, Utah for the 2018 Elite Trip
Earned two FREE trips to Costa Rica for ranking to Jetsetter
Earned one FREE trip to the Dominican Republic 2019
Earned two FREE trips to Palm Springs, CA for the 2019 Elite Trip
Earned two FREE trips on the Paparazzi 2020 Cruise
2018 6-Figure Bling Boss Recipient
2019 6-Figure Bling Boss Recipient
Earned two FREE Passport Cruise in 2020
Earned two FREE trips to Beverly Hills, CA  2020 Elite Trip
2020 6-Figure Bling Boss Recipient
2020 7-Figure Bling Boss Recipient